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About Us

Wu Jii supplies plastic mold steel, cold work steel, hot work steel, powder high speed steel to mold makers in various industries such as optical lenses, automotive industry, medical industry, electronic industry, semiconductor industry...etc.

Wu Jii upholds credibility and professionalism; therefore Wu Jii is deeply trusted by customers and suppliers.


We treat clients with honesty; keep promises to employees; achieve mutual satisfaction among all interest parties.


New ideas, new products, and new ideas are the root of business growth


We work together and learn from each other to reach the goal for our company.


We strive to serve society, meet the need of customers, and provide employment opportunities. Only by achieving the mutual benefits of all parties of interest, we can be sustainable.

Product and Service Provided

Wu Jii distributes a wide variety of tool steel grades and sizes and provides rough surface machining, vacuum heat treatment, and technical consulting services. Tool steels we provide are made by renowned steel manufacturers such as BUDERUS and BÖHLER. With our diversified portfolio of tool steel which includes carbon steel, plastic mold steel, hot work steel, cold work steel, high-speed steel, and powder metallurgy steel, we can fulfill the demands of clients from different fields and industries.

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Wu Jii provides high-quality materials, precise machining, and professional services, with a strong sales team and technical capabilities.
Tell us about your project and our specialist will provide the best recommendation!

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